Can I Really Give All Of Myself To God?

I've been struggling with the idea of "giving all of myself to Him" lately. I hear these kinds of words so often and I've always wondered: "Can I give ALL of myself to God?" You know - all my effort, all my commitment, all my dedication. Can I really be "fully devoted" to Him?

For a long time, I thought that giving all of myself to Him was about what I could muster up. I did this hoping that what I could give was enough. I prayed that I was giving Him enough so that He wouldn't cast me aside and and withhold his love and blessing. This created within me an inner-turmoil that left me feeling spiritually uncertain and without any real sense of peace.

Then I heard and embraced the Gospel - the Good News about what Jesus had accomplished for me on the Cross. There was nothing I could add to it. It was about His finished work, not my effort or commitment or promises. I believed this Good News and it has changed my life.

Now, when I think about giving ALL of myself to Him, I realize that I'm giving Him all of my sin, my rebellion, my doubts, and my futile efforts - ALL of it! And I receive from Him forgiveness and peace with God. This Gospel has given me the wonderful assurance of my salvation. It has also given me hope that goes far beyond this life! And because God has given me the faith to trust in His finished work, I am now free to serve Him with my life - in gratitude for what He's done for me. And it isn't me, but Christ living IN me and working through me.

I give Him all my ugly sin...and He gives me peace with Him and eternal life. May I be continually WOWED by this...

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