Crap! I've Been Found Out...

Josh Duggar is not alone. I've been found out, you see. Exposed for the fraud that I am. I may have fooled you, but all has been discovered. Everything that I thought I could keep in the dark has been brought out into the light. The hypocrisy of my life is real and true.

God has exposed all my crap. I am guilty of so many things. I won't get into all the particulars, but my sin would cause you to gasp, at the very least. Almighty God has seen the depths of my darkness and has called me out on all of it - even the sin I wasn't aware of. Like the song says, "My hands are dirty. I dare not raise them up to the Holy One." I owe a debt that I cannot pay to a God who demands payment in full.

BUT, God, who should reject me and cast me aside has done the unthinkable. He sacrificed another in my place. His own Son was given for me. He lived the life that I should live and He died the death that I deserved. Jesus canceled my debt and my account is now marked PAID IN FULL. He looked at His Son on the Cross, saw my sin, and said, "You make me sick!" Those words were

meant for me, but Jesus said, "They're mine..."

Like the old hymn says, "And when I think that God His son, not sparing, sent Him To die, I scarce can take it in. That on the Cross, my burden gladly bearing...He bled and died to take away my sin."

I don't get it. But I so gladly receive it! Paid in full. Totally loved and unconditionally accepted by God. Given new life in Him. His child forever.

Yes, I've been found out. Thank God...

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