I Had To Pull Over Because Of The Tears...

I had gone to Little Caesars to pick up some dinner for the family. As I was headed home, listening to 90.9 KCBI in Dallas, I heard David Crowder's "How He Loves". I've played this song hundreds of times!

Today, I found myself in tears as I sang this song. I had to pull over to the side of the road because I was overcome by the reality that He loves ME! Yes, He knows me and yet, He loves me. He pursues me with a love that surpasses anything I know.

You see, I'm a rebel and a fool. I'm a flaky Christ-follower and the hypocrisy of my life must leave people wondering if I really am a Christian. If you knew my thoughts you'd have me kicked out of my church!

And yet, He loves ME...and us. He cames for rebels like ME...and us. His grace and mercy are real for trainwrecks like ME...and us. YES! It's true.

This good news gives me comfort and relief. And it makes me want to love Him back...

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