I Want To Know Him...

My son Tommy has a Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder. When he was first diagnosed, he was three years old. I remember wondering how severe his challenge would be as he grew. Would he be able to communicate in a meaningful way with his dad? Would he be able to have a real conversation with me? Would he be able to truly understand how much I love him? I was scared because there was so much that was unknown. I was simply going to have to do my best to engage him and hope that as he grew up, he'd develop the skills necessary to relate to me and others.

Tommy is now 16 and he is an amazing boy. Most people don't even know that he's on the autism spectrum, except that we, as a family, are pretty open about it. Tommy and I are best pals and we have great conversations every day. He knows that his father is far from perfect, but he absolutely knows that he is loved. He can show love and concern, and he can receive it, too.

As I was thinking about Tommy and all that he continues to learn, I was reminded of Tommy's heavenly father...mine, too. God desires many things from us, but I think the most important thing is simply this: He wants His children to know Him. He desires a living, breathing relationship with us! He wants to be known. He wants you and I to know how great His love is for us. Our sin gets in the way of that relationship, but for you and I that are in Christ, that barrier has been eliminated forever.

Experience His love and walk in the freedom it provides...

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