Charlie Sheen Is Teaching Me A Lot About Jesus

So Charlie Sheen is HIV Positive...

When I fist heard the news I said to my self, "Yep! He's a trainwreck who's lived on the edge for years and his stupid lifestyle has caught up with him! He got what he deserved!."

But then I started to think about me...

If God gave me what I deserved, I'd be eternal toast! Without the good news of God's mercy for broken and desperate people like me, I'd be good and lost. If God treated me as my sins deserve, He'd look at me and say, "You make me sick!"

But God, who is rich in mercy, reached out to the worst of the worst and said, "I love you" when He sent Jesus to take our place. He reached out to me. At the foot of the Cross, Jeff Taylor and Charlie Sheen stand side-by-side...desperate and broken with a track record of failure and bad choices.

Thank you God for the Cross...

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