The Storybook Ending...

Peyton Manning has the chance to have a “storybook” ending to his career. He could retire today with two Super Bowl rings, the most total wins of any quarterback, tens of millions of dollars and frankly, able to walk without too much pain.

He will certainly end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and will go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. I can’t imagine there are many goals that weren’t achieved in his long career. If Payton Manning retires right now, as so many think he will, he could have the storybook ending to a phenomenal career, walking away while he’s on top.

Will he do it? I think so, but I’m not him.

So what about you and me? What if I told you that I could guarantee you a “storybook” ending to your life?

We all want a storybook life, right…the perfect job, the perfect spouse, the perfect family – all of it. But the fact is that none of us get that life, really. We have to deal with the reality of being broken people living in a broken world. We live with the reality of stuff like cancer, infidelity, addiction and depression.

But for those of us who are trusting in the finished work of Jesus, we won't necessarily have the storybook life, but we get the storybook ending even after living a not-so-storybook life. Our storybook ending was written the moment Jesus rose from the dead! We will live forever with Him...if we believe.

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